Speedfitness® is recommended to those who would like to offer high quality, advanced services to their clients in the fields of fitness, wellness and rehabilitation.

Are you running a fitness studio, a body-shape salon, sports club, a rehabilitation centre or a wellness hotel? Are you, perhaps, a personal trainer? Boost your services and your business with Speedfitness®!

Are you considering launching a new venture or seeking investment opportunities? This revolutionary new training method could be an ideal business opportunity for you.

Why are we so sure?

Success is guaranteed by not only the strong Speedfitness® brand and the clinically proven method*, but by the cutting-edge technology of the worldwide market leading German miha bodytec company that manufactures the EMS devices. The efficiency of the workout is proven by the fact that satisfied clients recommend it to one another.

*reference to research here

Speedfitness® is a reliable partner, we provide a wide range of support from professional expertise to competent marketing advice to those would like to discover the business opportunities inherent in the method.


Whether the goal is body-shaping, weight loss or rehabilitation, the method offers everyone a sense of quick achievement, regardless of age or gender.

Who could be expressing interest in the method?

Those aiming to achieve a better shaped body:

  • Where the goal is weight loss, slimming
  • Working out to get a ripped body
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite

Those seeking preventative and rehabilitation treatments:

  • For back and lumbar pain
  • To improve muscular imbalances
  • To treat incontinence issues
  • For rehabilitation after childbirth

Time-poor people:

  • Managers, businesspersons
  • New mothers, parents with big families

Those seeking fast results in weight loss and body-shaping:

  • Brides and grooms
  • Getting ready for the bikini-season
  • Professional athletes


The manufacturer of the Speedfitness® EMS-device is the German miha bodytec gmbh (

The unique features of this elegant and smart device were recognised by an innovation award in 2009.

  • The laptop-sized work-station can be set up anywhere, either with the complimentary specialised mobile unit provided by the manufacturer, or with the impressive stable stand supplied as part of the basic equipment. The device and the workout require an area of two square metres only. Thanks to its ability to stimulate the whole body, the device is practically the worthy rival of the entire equipment of a gym.
  • Its clear and user-friendly design and menu-program ensure that both the client and operator will find it easy and convenient to master and practice the exercises.

The strength of the impulses can be regulated according to muscle groups or all at the same time. The intensity of the training can be customised separately to every body part. The device is able to work on 8+2 muscle groups at the same time or one by one.


Our free time is far too precious to spend it by doing exhausting exercise that’s not even efficient. Our training method leads to fast results without compromises, be that goal an athletic body or rehabilitation.

By using Speedfitness® for 20 minutes per week, your clients will be reporting of visible and tangible results within a few weeks.