How does it work?

Speedfitness® applies the technology of electric muscle stimulation in its effective training sessions.

Muscles are stimulated in a shorter period of time at a far higher rate of intensity* than during any other type of traditional endurance training.

* in case of 1 x 20 minutes of Speedfitness® training per week


Because it’s ultra-fast. The full-body electric muscle stimulation (EMS) technology allows an ultra-fast, 20-minute training session that physically equals to a gruelling 2-hour-long workout in the gym.

Because it targets the development of fast twitch muscle fibres. The striated muscle tissues of the entire body contract 85 times every second, therefore this training method targets mainly the strengthening of the fast twitch muscle fibres. This way the speed of rapid movements, dynamics, and reaction time will also improve.

Because it exposes the muscles to higher workload. With the simultaneous stimulation of the stretching and contracting muscles, by doing 1-2 training sessions per week muscles are exposed to more workload than during conventional gym exercises.


During a 20-minute training session 150 times more muscle contractions occur than during a conventional muscle-building strength training. This would not be possible to produce in a gym environment with weights as it would mean 15 rounds of repetitions on every single body part.

The rate of intensity is exceptionally high, however, it is possible to gradually increase the workload. While an onlooker might just see squats and biceps exercises, in reality the whole musculature is being worked hard thanks to the full-body electric muscle stimulation.


The first training session, the trial, focuses on assessing the physical condition of the client and determine their possible workload by discussing their previous sporting activity and possible joint and other health problems, which will have to be considered during the coming training sessions.

Further sessions are 20 minutes long each, 15 minutes of which are pure muscle work, assisted by sets of static and dynamic exercises. The last 5 minutes are reserved for cool-down exercises.

Speedfitness® training sessions require a clean, hygienic cotton training outfit, upon which a special vest containing electrodes will be placed with straps for the arms, legs, and buttocks. Personal trainers will help fasten the specialist vest so it’s skin-tight. Changing into this outfit will take 1-2 minutes.

Training begins by learning the base position, which will always have to be assumed during the impulses. A muscle contraction lasts for 4 seconds, followed by a resting periods of the same length. Clients usually get the rhythm in a couple of impulses, and soon get used to the contracting sensation which may feel unfamiliar in the beginning.

Participants will be guided through a set of customised exercises, the personal trainer will demonstrate and correct the movements. Following the workout and cool-down, the coach will offer the client a high biological value, tasty protein shake, and will discuss the next session, which can only be booked after minimum of three or four resting days.

The outstanding results of Speedfitness® and its safe operation without any side effects are proven by clinical tests.* And success is just as lasting as in the case of any other intensive sports activity – only it can be achieved much faster.

*reference to research here