Speedfitness® is an exceptionally effective method based on full-body electric muscle stimulation (EMS).

This cutting-edge technology provides a handy solution to people who are seeking to achieve quick, instant results in body-shaping, just like in every other aspects of their lives.

By completing one training session per week, over a four-week period one can achieve noticeable, tangible results: weight loss and reduced body-fat, the emergence of well-defined muscles, increased strength and stamina, a more streamlined and shapely body, improved general well-being. 


Electric stimulation training, the EMS technology was originally used by the Russian space research program. Researchers were looking for ways to prevent muscle loss caused by zero gravity and to minimize osteoporosis. Having used this method successfully in the rehabilitation of cosmonauts, electric muscle stimulation was introduced in the training of Russian top athletes to enhance their performance.

The new generation of EMS training devices was developed by German engineers in the 1990s. Having been tested in professional sports and rehabilitation, these devices soon gained popularity in the areas of fitness, beauty, and in the science of aging well.

Due to its short training time, quick efficiency, and its remarkable impact on the improvement of reaction time, the training method based on full-body electric muscle stimulation is called Speedfitness®.


20 minutes equal to 2 hours. EMS technology (electric stimulation activating the muscles of the entire body at the same time) makes an ultra-fast, 20-minute-long training session possible, which physically compares to a gruelling 2-hour-long workout in the gym.

85 muscle contractions per second. The striated muscle tissues of the entire body contract 85 times every second, therefore this training method targets mainly the strengthening of the fast twitch muscle fibres. This way the speed of rapid movements, dynamics, and reaction time will also improve.

Maximum muscle work. The simultaneous activation of the stretching and contracting muscles also makes this training method unique. By doing two training sessions per week, muscles are exposed to more workload than during conventional gym exercises. During the 20-minute training sessions personal trainers will guide the clients through a series of exercises targeting every muscle group, ensuring that the movements are accurately mastered and executed.

Contrary to the old-style electric stimulation treatments, Speedfitness® is able to activate the surface muscles as well as the deeper muscle tissues. It is able to reach and engage every single muscle group even in a passive, lying body position. It is, however, even more efficient if the EMS training is supplemented by a set of static or dynamic exercises.



Those who long to achieve their physical best form know that only having a toned, well-defined body can evoke this unmatched feeling for them. What’s more, having your dream shapely figure will also provide the sensation of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Speedfitness® is one of the most effective ways of training and fitness.


Excess weight, back pain, muscle cramps can put many people off vigorous sports. However, this leads into a vicious circle: even less physical activity, more weight gain and even more frequent back and joint pains. Speedfitness® can alleviate pain and reintroduce the joy of exercise.


Research proves that slim people with an attractive physique seem to enjoy more advantages in life. Even their salaries can be higher than that of their less good-looking peers. Speedfitness® can help you achieve a healthier, more radiant appearance.


A speedfitness ems készülék gyártója a német miha bodytec gmbh. (www.miha-bodytec.de)

Az elegáns és okos készülék egy forradalmi szisztéma összetevőit egyesíti: a leginnovatívabb technológia a legmagasabb komforttal és optimális eredményekkel ötvözve.

A laptop méretű vezérlő egységet bárhol fel lehet állítani, akár a gyártó által kifejlesztett, vagány mobil-szisztémával, akár az impozáns és stabil állvánnyal. A géphez és az edzéshez elegendő mindössze 2 nm, de egy egész testre ható hatásának köszönhetően egy teljes edzőtermi berendezés képességeivel ér fel.

Átlátható, könnyen kezelhető menürendszere biztosítja, hogy felhasználójának és üzemeltetőjének különösen kényelmes legyen az edzések elsajátítása és gyakorlása.

Az impulzusok ereje izomcsoportonként és egyszerre is szabályozható, így az edzés intenzitását individuálisan lehet beállítani külön-külön minden testrészre. A készülék akár 8 izomcsoportot képes megdolgoztatni egyszerre vagy külön-külön is. A készülék egyedülálló képességeit 2009-ben innocvációs díjjal is jutalmazták.


  • Efficient muscle building: with the help of electrodes that are tightly fitted to the body, electric stimulation accurately targets the muscles, with the strength adapted to the user’s personal goals.
  • Gentle on tendons and joints: electrostimulation specifically targets only muscles, so there is no workload on the tendons, which is common with conventional resistance training.
  • Time-saving: this is the ideal exercise for the time-poor as all the muscles of the body can be engaged simultaneously, so it is not necessary to spend long hours in the gym to ensure that every part of the body receives the same amount of workload and rate of intensity.
  • Fat burning and reduced adipose tissue: by establishing the optimal ratio of fat and muscle, our body will continue to burn more calories, even in our sleep.
  • Improved blood flow in the connective tissues: it can reduce the causes and appearance of cellulite and enhance the blood flow and lymphatic circulation.
  • Counteracts and makes up for imbalances and deficiencies in the musculature.
  • Improves general well-being: reduces the level of stress hormones while boosting the happy hormones.
  • Suitable to treat lumbar pain: it strengthens the deeper lying stabilising muscles that are necessary to support the spine.
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles responsible for urine retention, speeds up the healing process after childbirth.
  • It’s an ideal tool to enhance the performance of athletes: increases explosive and dynamic strength.